Here is the new Cadburys Dairy Milk ad, by Juan Cabral at Fallon London.

It is so obviously brilliant, I don't think there's any need to do a Private View-style description of what makes it brilliant.

But it does beg the question - "what does an agency have to be like, to produce work like this?"

Well, here's the Fallon model:

1. Great planning. Someone has to have the balls to say 'Cadburys Dairy Milk = Joy And That's It'. A big, simple, unitary, true, thought. It's that easy, Planners. And that difficult.

2. A culture that says "the creatives are always right." This ad would have been incredibly difficult to sell, let's not be under any illusions about that. At the vast majority of agencies, the account people would refuse to even present it to the client. So creatives end up not writing breakthrough ads in the first place; they know there's no point. But at Fallon, the culture dictates that the account handlers have to persuade the clients to do what the creatives want, rather than vice versa. The culture says "the creatives are always right".

3. The creatives actually have to be right, time after time. Seems at Fallon, they are.