So the Annual's been out a few days now, I've had a sift through.

Not too painful this time. There's an unbelievable amount of non-UK work in there, which doesn't have the power to upset me like a great ad by someone I know does.

Anyway, here's my hidden gems - ads that were not multi-award winners at all the big shows, but which nevertheless are, in my opinion, great.

(You may need to click on some of the images to make them bigger)

Topical, hilarious. Love it. And I'm a vegetarian.

A profound thought, about peace being fragile. And very poignant images. Plus I love the contrast of making a hand grenade out of something as gentle and staid as Wedgewood.

I've always loved really detailed, complex images. The autistic side of the male brain, I suppose.

Death is always funny.

I think this is my favourite one of all. It's unbelievably cheeky, and yet unarguable. In case you can't read the small type, the idea is this: the South African anti-piracy organisation made their own pirate DVD's, and sold them at markets. But their videos stopped after five minutes. And then displayed an anti-piracy message, and a 'thank you for your donation to the anti-piracy cause' tag. What a gotcha.

Finally, this one's from my good friends at Lunar BBDO. Surprising, and appropriately shocking. 'Nuff rispeck, guys.