Oh happy day.

Where's My Jetpack has been around for a while, and I really should have linked to him before.

Mr. Jetpack is a copywriter in what he calls the Sub South (Deeper than the Deep South) of the U.S.

In a great post about billboards, called "No One Is Writing Down Your Number", he points out that no one EVER wrote down a phone number while they were travelling in a moving vehicle. Furthermore, you don't need to put www. in front of a word that ends with .com or .org or .biz - it's totally obvious you're talking about a web address. Quite right. He provides a telling before-and-after using the Jetpack method.

The second new creative blog is The Toad Stool by a New York-based copywriter/creative director.

Toad, as he styles himself, has a nicely snarky tone to his blog, and brings us this funny story about the sadness of Second Life:

In real life Mr. Hoogenstraat is an aging hippie who suffers from diabetes and chronic joblessness, in Second Life he is a muscular young entrepreneur with a fortune of some 1.5 million Linden (SL’s virtual currency) and a hot young Second Life wife. (Mr. Hoogenstraat’s SL avatar married a female avatar in a ceremony that was attended by several dozen other avatars. Really.) Mr. Hoogenstraat is able to “employ” a virtual security guard for one of his virtual malls. Which means that someone is logging on to SL to pretend to be a mall security guard.

I doubt we'll ever catch the Planners, but it's good to see more Creatives tapping away out there.