A commenter on yesterday's chart introduces me to three new planning blogs.

You may well ask - 'Does the world need another planning blog?'

Well, apparently the answer is yes, because all three of these are quite popular.

Neil Perkin is a big strategic cheese at magazine group IPC, and his thought-provoking blog Only Dead Fish (short for 'only dead fish swim with the water') offers "Thoughts on media, communications, planning, magazines and life". Today he features a rather nifty chart of webtrends.

Planning For Fun, from agency planner Graeme Douglas, is a nicely personal planning blog. A recent project for Cravendale gave Graeme the excuse to post the famous 'Accrington Stanley' milk ad, which I guess gives me an excuse to post it as well.

Charles Frith's Punk Planning is not nearly as nihilistic as the name might suggest, but consists instead of an intelligently-written take on current events in the world of communications and the world in general. A recent post asks 'Is Blogging The New Tamagotchi?' Check him out.