Above is a commercial for the new Alfa Romeo 159.

This bejewelled turd consists of a series of generic driving shots voiceovered with a list of utterly banal product benefits (self-ventilating disc brakes? wowzer!) held together with a flimsy, cliched, smug and meaningless premise. (The reason you bought this new Alfa? Because it's an Alfa).

I only mention it because I couldn't help noticing that the brief for this sucker must have been exactly the same as the brief for the totally brilliant Skoda commercial I featured yesterday.

So to me, it's an excellent demonstration of what makes a good TV ad versus what makes a bad TV ad.

Good - emotional sell; Bad - rational sell

Bad - laundry list of product features; Good - say one thing and say it well

Good - highly creative visual treatment; Bad - highly familiar visual treatment

More contributions welcome.

Interestingly, although I now know every feature of the new Alfa 159, I don't have any interest in it. And whereas the Skoda doesn't tell me any of its features at all, merely making a whimsical claim to be "full of lovely stuff" - I'm far more interested to find out what those features actually might be.

My guess is I'm totally preaching to the converted here - nothing wrong with letting-off steam, helps keep me sane - but if there was one individual out there, maybe the Alfa client or someone from the agency, who would step forward and take me on, argue that this ad is better than the Skoda ad, I would love it, just love it...