Coming up with ideas is hard work.

Therefore, when you are doing it, the temptation to stop is always strong.

Yes! Got something - hurrah!

Now we can check our e-mails and call our friends.


Look, I know the feeling, believe me. What we do is bloody hard work. And as soon as you have something that works, the desire to down tools can be overwhelming.

So you find yourself ignoring the little voice in your head. The one that says "it's a bit like that other ad from last year" / "it can also be interpreted as meaning x, which is the exact opposite to what we want to say" / "it works but it's only OK".

Don't ignore that little voice. If you know in your heart of hearts that there's a problem with the idea, it's pretty much certain that your creative director is going to think there's a problem with the idea.

Though it may be painful, keeping going is the right thing to do.

Consider taking a break instead, or work on something else for a little bit.

But never stop.

Okay, you will have to stop eventually.

But not yet.

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