Nick is cross because we are being asked to make an ad 'joyful' and he doesn't like happy ads.

At first I assume he's just being a contrary bastard as usual.

But thinking about the first 5 great ads that spring to mind, I realise maybe he has a point (as usual):

Apple '1984'
Guinness 'Surfer'
Guardian 'Points Of View'
Volkswagen Polo 'Protection'
Levis 'Drugstore'

All dark, all weird, and all melancholy.

(Honda 'Grrr' could be an exception of course.)

Sometimes people ask me what my favourite ad of all time is. It's Drugstore.

My good friend FishNChimps put it up on his blog the other day, and it never gets old.

But then with the genius touch of putting techno over depression-era smalltown America, I suppose it never will.

The part where the drums kick in, when you see the train, gives me goosebumps every time.