The other day I did a post about David Bonney's theory of Sad-vertising, which contained an attack on Erik du Plessis of Millward Brown.

It draws an instant e-mail response:

"Hi Scamp."

"I am Erik du Plessis, from Millward Brown (hssss)."

"I don’t think I mentioned that I am against advertising that raises a negative emotion. In fact I am a great one for advertising that raises an emotion, any emotion. The Maxwell tape ad on David’s blogsite is a very good example of using emotion in advertising (or sadvertising)."

"Emotion has two functions: getting attention and setting a framework inside which the message is interpreted. Sadvertising can do both, and often more effectively than Gladvertising. I would warn against Gratuitous negative emotions in an advertisement, but then I think gratuitous positive emotion has a similar problem."

"My view is that there must be emotion in an advertisement, and hopefully compatible with the product."

So there. And he can cause death by strangulation without even touching you.