Nick Bell, Executive Creative Director at JWT, has been fired.

At first sight this is insane. JWT have done better work under him than EVER before. Really great campaigns for Golden Wonder, Smirnoff, Vodafone and others. They placed seventh in the Gunn Report, having never previously featured on it before.

What more is a creative director supposed to do?

Then again, they did lose £150 million worth of business on his watch.

The truth is, JWT has never been about great work. It's about solid work. They probably told him they wanted great work. But they didn't.

Today also came the announcement that Mother is losing the Egg account.

This, I think, is a terrible mistake.

Clients go to Mother to get brilliant work. And Egg got brilliant work. (See below). Modern, relevant, and wonderfully engaging. What more is an agency supposed to do?

The Nick Bell thing is understandable. But Mother do not deserve to lose Egg.