A witty and passionate marketer by the name of Vando, who is based in Sydney Australia, picks up on last week's poll, which showed that 82% of readers of this blog would rather do the ad of the year than double their client's sales.

He is cross.

He feels it confirms a post of his entitled Do Agencies Give A Shit?

This debate is like one of the zombies in Dawn Of The Dead which was on TV here last night. You think it's dead, but it comes back to bite you.

It seems some clients still don't believe there's a correlation between creativity and effectiveness.

What to do?

In the words of Ving Rhames - "You've got to go for the head."

Okay, so he was talking about despatching zombies. In our context, it means proving to clients, over and over again if necessary, by means of solid, reasoned argument, that great ads work better than average ads.

If anyone has a link to a suitable article or research paper, do please post it up.