Three entirely self-referential items today, I'm afraid.

Gwen Yip has sent me this beautiful T-shirt - one of her own designs - for Christmas. Thanks, Gwen! I love it.

I have been tagged by the likes of Sean Diablogue, Willougby at A Fly In My Soup and Andrew Northern Planner. So here goes...

(in case you don't know, it's a meme where you 'tag' people, and they have to reveal five things about themselves), I'm not going to go on and tag anyone else, because everyone I know has already been tagged, but here are mine:

i) I once got very drunk and made a pass at Clare Short. She was mortified.

ii) When I found out aged 6 there was no such thing as Santa Claus, I resolved never to tell my own children that lie. But now I have. It's the best behaviour management tool ever!

iii) I took the test for sexism over at that Harvard test site... and to my horror scored in the top 24% most sexist.

iv) I once came up on an E a couple of hours before starting a shift on the City pages of the Daily Telegraph. That was interesting.

v) I can't draw to save my life. I spell gud though.

Had a very interesting lunch with a few other bloggers today - Russell, Faris, Beeker and Patrick Staufenberger. In case anyone reads their blogs and is interested to know what they are like in real life, here goes.

Faris is quite small, quite hairy, very nice, and very clever.

Beeker is smart in the sense of being super-nicely dressed and smart in the sense of being super-intelligent as well.

Patrick is a great guy. He hadn't been able to have a shower, because he was bandaged up from a bicycle accident. He worried that he looked a bit scruffy. He looked fine.

Russell is of course the blogosphere's premier genius. He had his camera with him but didn't use it. Or did he? No one else knows how those pinhole cameras work. Russell says his company OIA is going well - they are breaking even, and working less. Sounds good to me.