It's hideously self-referential, but I have to thank Russell for featuring Scamp in his Campaign column today.

Being a big cuddly teddy-bear of a planner, he was far too kind, using words like "opinionated, clever and friendly".

It felt quite weird. I can't recall getting a written personality report since school...

In general, proper appraisals seem rare in our business. They do have them where I work now, but I'm too new. So I think I've had about three in the last 12 years. And one of those was because I was getting fired.

Maybe they happen more rigorously in account handling than in creative. That's a shame really. We all know teams whose work is universally considered "too safe", "too wacky" or whatever. But does anyone ever tell them?

Tom Wnek (former copywriter, brother of Mark) once went into his creative director Paul Arden's office late at night, and sneaking a glance at the great man's A3 pad, saw it was empty apart from a single word in a box - "Wnek" followed by "?"

Tom shat bricks for 6 months but kept his job, and needless to say, never found out what was on Arden's mind. There were no appraisals at Saatchi's back then. Perhaps there are now, I don't know.