Marketing magazine reports that mobile network 3 is conducting "a major review of its brand strategy" which could lead to it putting its £39m account - currently held by WCRS - up for pitch.

Is this fair?

I'll answer that. No.

WCRS totally rescued that brand. And their advertising for it has been consistently brilliant (see latest example below)

So why the "if it ain't broke, fix it" approach?

The only conclusion one can draw is that the creative work - the actual ads - is just a small part of what matters to clients. We creatives are (sadly) very small cogs in one big big wheel. Or onion. Or pyramid. Or something.

P.S. surprise surprise the review is being led by "director of brand and marketing communications Gary Pepler, who joined the company in June".

That's right.

The first rule of advertising: new client=new agency.

Despite the fact that most great campaigns are the result of long-term agency/client collaborations, that survive many changes at each end (e.g. Economist, Volkswagen, Nike etc).