Seems a suitable occasion to look back. So here's 10 things I've learned since I started blogging:

1. Russell Davies is a lot smarter than the rest of us.

2. Writing a blog 'proves' you are up-to-speed on the modern world. When I went for a job interview at an agency in San Francisco, they were as interested in this blog as they were in my reel.

3. Don't publish photos of people doing things that are illegal or semi-legal. They don't seem to like it...

4. For some reason, creatives don't blog (the only others I know of are the excellent Copyranter and American Copywriter. (If you are a creative who blogs, let me know).

5. Just as it is on e-mail, irony is very hard to express in a blog. Steve Hall of AdRants pulls it off. Copyranter pulls it off. And that's it.

6. Writing a blog takes up quite a bit of time.

7. Learning some HTML hasn't killed me. Though it did take quite a bit of time...

8. Ideas have become truly global. This makes a creative's job much harder, since now you've got to come up with things that have never been done before anywhere in the world, not just your own country.

9. A cameraphone is a blogger's best friend (belated new friend, in my case)

10. The lag between a funny clip appearing on YouTube and the idea being released as an ad is now down to just a few days. (See the latest H3 work below.) Sigh.