I was speaking to an old college friend yesterday who is one of the creative directors at WCRS and commiserated with him about the 3 review.

He told me it wasn't true!

He said the client is perfectly happy.

And to think I read it on the front page of Marketing magazine. I suppose journalists make things up all the time.

And why not? There's no come-back. The worst that's going to happen is they have to print a letter denying the story.

This set me thinking... how much responsibility do we ad-folk have to take for our cock-ups?

Traffic / Project Management: responsibility score out of ten - 10
If an ad doesn't get delivered on time, or is printed upside down, or all-yellow, there's no one else to hide behind. The project manager has screwed up, and is probably going to get shouted at. They're aware of this, which is why they all drink at lunchtime.

Account Handlers: responsibility score out of ten - 8
If an account walks out the door, it's the account handlers' fault. If a script doesn't get sold, it's their fault. Stuff not delivered on time? Their fault. Agency not making money? Their fault. Client not happy? Their fault. Actually, this score would be a lot higher, but they do have one get-out of jail card they can use. "Well, the work wasn't right."

Creatives: 3
Not much seems to be our fault, luckily. The only time the finger gets pointed is when we come out with a real turkey. Even then, you can normally blame bad clients, bad briefs, bad weather...

Planers: 1
Let's face it, if something goes wrong, you ain't going to see the planner for dust.