First, an interesting post by the wise and likeable Northern Planner about his visit to London's soulless Canary Wharf financial district, which is also home to a single ad agency - Ogilvy.

Then - spookily - yesterday's Campaign reveals that Ogilvy is leaving Canary Wharf for that hotbed of creativity... Victoria. (If you've never been to Victoria, you have missed out on a big railway station. And lots of civil servants' offices).

Ogilvy just don't get it. If you want to attract creative people, you can't be in Victoria.

You have to be in Soho, NoHo or the wild East.

Or whatever the trendy/media district is in whatever city you're located. (Is this true, international readers?)

Just as individuals are influenced by their surroundings, companies must be too, mustn't they?

Geography is destiny, as Jared Diamond so brilliantly lays out in Guns, Germs, and Steel.